Affect vs Effect

Affect is usually a verb:

Affect  অর্থ:  প্রভাবিত করা, আক্রমণ করা, প্রভাবান্বিত করা,  আক্রমণ করা, অনুভূদিতে

নাড়া দেত্তয়া, মনে লাগা, পছন্দ করা

 affect   শুরু হয় দিয়ে  a

As affect, a verb “produces a change

উদহারণ বাক্য:

  • This medicine affected a lot.
  • His failure will immediately affect his career.
  • His parents limit her facebooking time because they don’t want it to affect her study habits in a negative manner.
  • According to the manager, online sales won’t greatly affect his business because he has a loyal customer base.

মিডিয়া থেকে  উদহারণ বাক্য:

Climate change is hardly – if ever – on the agenda, yet, of all the major pitch games, cricket will be hardest hit by a warming world, reports Climate New Network website. ( April 23, 2017)


Effect is usually a noun.

Effect  অর্থ: কাজের ফলাফল, আরোপিত প্রভাব

effect শুরু হয়  e দিয়ে

As a noun, effect means “the result,” “the change,” or “the influence.”

উদহারণ বাক্য:

  • This medicine has no side effects.
  • His failure had an immediate effect.

মিডিয়া থেকে  উদহারণ বাক্য :

The law is now set to come into effect from July 1.

IMF urged the government to be cautious with the implementation of the new VAT law set to be effective from July 1,” Finance Ministe AMA Muhith told journalists on Monday. ( February 27, 2017)




Filling in the gap with the word–“effect” or “affect”.

  1. The rainfall had very little ______ on the drought.
    2. We are optimistic that the heavy rains predicted for next week will ______ the drought.
    3. Calcium supplements can really ______ one’s moods.
    4. Calcium supplements can have a negative ______ on one’s moods.
    5. This supplements she is taking have ________ed positive changes in her moods.]


  1. effect
    2. affect
    3. affect
    4. effect
    5. effect [meaning “to bring about”]

প্রায় ভুল হয় এমন ইংরেজি শব্দাবলী

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