এক কথায় প্রকাশ (One Word Substitutes)

নম্বর শব্দের বর্ণনাএক কথায় প্রকাশ
1To cross streets on foot in a careless and dangerous way.Jaywalk
2A young kangarooJoey
3Wise, sound in judgement.Judicious
4A loose gown of silk as worn in Japan.Kimono
5The right to put ‘Sir’ in front of one’s name.Knighthood
6One who behaves like a servant by always obeying.Lackey
7To cover with thin sheets of metal or plasticLaminate
8Capable of being read clearly.Legible
9Of or like a lionLeonine
10One who complies dictionariesLexicographer
11One who believes that one should have freedom of expression.Libertarian
12A humorous short poem with five lines.Limerick
13People with knowledge of literature.Literati
14One who talks a lot.Loquacious
15One who has not interest in literature,art etc.Lowbrow
16A pleasant song sung to send children to sleep.Lullaby
17A knife with a broad heavy blade.Machete
18A great work of art, particularly literary.Magnum Opus
19Evil, vicious speech.Malediction
20A book giving instructions or information.Manual
21Handwritten script of a book.Manuscript
22A strict disciplinarian.Martinet
23Something chosed as a symbol to bring good luck.Mascot
24One who enjoys pain or humiliation.Masochist
25One who is neither intelligent nor dull.Mediocre
26Sweet Sounding.Melodious
27Of trade and businessMercantile
28The scientific study of weather conditions.Meteorology
29A person who is very careful about details.Meticulous
30Those trained as soldiers but not belonging to a regular army.Militia
31One who hates mankind.Misanthrope
32One who hates marriage.Misogamist
33One who hates womenMisogynist
34One who keeps thinking of one particular thing only.Monomaniac
35The practice of worshipping only one god.Monotheism
36A company having branches in many countires.Multinational
37The scientific study of fungi.Mycology
38Strong feeling of wanting to vomit.Nausea
39of or concerning navigation, sailors, or the sea; maritime.Nautical
40Downfall that satisfies natural justice.Nemesis
41A new word.Neologism
42Undue favour shown by a person in power to his relatives.Nepotism
43A public official who makes written statements officialNotary
44One who collect coins.Numismatic
45Notice of a person's death in a newspaper.Obituary
46That which required to be done by law.Obligatory
47That which is out of use, or replaced by a newer model.Obsolete
48One who is all powerful.Omnipotent
49One who know everything.Omniscient
50One who eats anything.Omnivorous
51Philosophy concerned with the nature of existenceOntology
52An eye-doctorOpthalmologist
53A technician who measures your eyesight.Optometrist
54A thick-skinned animal, especially an elephant or rhinoceros.Pachyderm
55One who believesin the abolition of war.Pacifist
56The study of ancient writing.Paleography
57The study of fossils.Palaeontology
58A remdy which can cure all diseases.Panacea
59Contradictory statement.Paradox
60an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.Parasite
61One who is not accepted by societyPariah
62Sole right to make and sell one's own invention.Patent
63A man's fat stomach.Paunch
64One who exhibits his book learningPedant
65Last but one.Penultimate
66Gain over and above one's salary.Perquisite
67The scientific study of rocks.Petrology
68Person of material outlook who is indifferent to culture.Philistine
69Onesho is well versed in the science of languagesPhilologist
70The natural colouring mater of plants and animalsPigment
71One who bring a charge against someone in courtPlaintiff
72A very close, non-sexual friendship between two people.Platonic
73Of the lower social classes.Plebeian
74The practise of having more than one husband at the same time.Polyandry
75The practise of having more than one husband or wife at the same time.Polygamy
76One who speaks many languages.Polyglot
77A lie-detector.Polygraphy
78A child born after the death of its father.Posthumous
79A note added at the end of a letter, after the signature.Postscript
80One who uses common sense.Pragmatist
81Able to foretell what will happen in future.Prescient
82A side view of someone's head.Profile
83An explosive for firing a bullet or a rocket.Propellant
84A pen-name assumed by a writer.Pseudonym
85Of or having an effect on the lungs.Pulimonary
86The art of making fireworksPyrotechnics
87Confinement to one place to prevent spread of infection.Quarantine
88Trying to do the impossible, usually to help others, while putting oneself into danger.Quixotic
89One who is good at telling stories or who tells anecdotesRaconteur
90A good relationship between two people.Rapport
91Capable of receiving new ideas.Receptive
92Excessive use of official formalities which causes unnecessary delay.Red Tapism
93A government policy of increasing the amount of money in circulation.Reflation
94One who takes refuge in a foreign countryRefugee
95Strengthen by additional men or material.Reinforce
96Put back in a former station or condition.Reinstate
97A renewal of interest in art, literature etc.Renaisssance
98An official demand or request.Requisition
99A severe deserved punishment.Retribution
100One who leads others to do wrong or make trouble.Ringleader
101A small herbivore usually considered a pest..Rodent
102A cud-chewing animalRuminant
103An admirer of the Russian people, language, manners or way of life.Russophile
104One who dislikes the Russians and Russia.Russophobe
105Wanton destruction of a plant by workmen ; Wanton destruction especially of a factory, etc. by dissatisfied workers.Sabotage
106The violation or profaning of sacred things.Sacrilege
107A hospital esp, for tuberculosis patients and convalescents. ; A place for invalids and convalescents.Sanatorium
108Making a show of piety.Sanctimonious
109A structure on which criminals used to be hanged.Scaffold
110Person who doubts the truth of what he is told.Sceptic
111An instrument used for breathing when swimming under water.Scuba
112One who carves in stone, metal, wood, etc.Sculptor
113Done while sitting down.Sedentary
114One who can see into the future.Seer
115The intentional producing of excitement or shock.Sensationalism
116One in his seventies.Septuagenarian
117Black shadow-like picture on white background.Silhouette
118happening or done at the same timeSimultaneous
119Taking place or happening at the same time.Simultaneously
120Any office with good salary but no work.Sinecure
121An admirer of the Chinese people, language, manners or way of life.Sinophile
122One who dislikes the Chinese and China.Sinophobe
123Unimportant people.Small Fry
124A small piece from something spoken or written.Snippet
125A short stay at a place.Sojourn
126One who walk in his sleepSomnambulist
127One who spends too muchSpendthrift
128An unmarried woman.Spinster
129Something which is not fresh.Stale
130A sudden rush of a large number of frightened people or animals.Stampede
131Of the stars.Stellar
132One who buys and sell shares for others.Stockbroker
133One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure.Stoic
134A trick to deceive an enemy.Stratagem
135Very strict.Stringent
136A subject which cannot be publicly discussed because it is being considered by a court of law.Sub Judice
137Beneath the skin.Subcutaneous
138Money paid by a government to make prices lower.Subsidy
139Attempting to weaken or overthrow authority.Subversive
140Too old for work.Superannuated
141More than is neededSuperfluous
142One who treats diseases by OperationsSurgeon
143Having a strange, dreamlike unreal quality.Surreal
144Collection of views of several persons on a topic.Symposium
145A word with the same meaning as another.Synonym
146A lifelike representation of a famous scene by a group of people who do not move or speak.Tableau
147An act which religion or custom regards as forbidden.Taboo
148The art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals, birds and fish. ; The art of stuffing animals and setting them in life-like poses.Taxidermy
149A specialist in technology.Technocrat
150One who doesn’t consume alchoholic drinks; One who abstains from all kinds of alcoholic drinks.Teetotaller
151Come or bring to an end.Terminate
152One who believes in the existence of God.Theist
153Government by priests.Theocracy
154Lexicon, esp, a collection of wordsThesaurus
155Wood cut down for building etc.Timber
156The art of trimming trees and bushes to decorative shapes.Topiary
157The art of representing the physical features of a place on a map.Topography
158One who betrays his friends, ruler, country, etc. or One who is disloyal to his country.Traitor
159Belief that the soul passes at death into another body.Transmigration
160A ruler with complete power who rules cruelly.Tyrant
161final proposal of terms given by one party to another.Ultimatum
162A decision taken by the votes of all.Unanimous
163Of the same opinionUnanimous
164A tradesman who manages funerals.Undertaker
165Of one type, used by both males and females.Unisex
166One who makes or deals in carpets, curtains, beds, cushioned seats, etc.Upholsterer
167A person who has suddenly risen from low rank to wealth and importance.Upstart
168One who lends money at an excessive rate of interest.Usurer
169Ideally perfect but impracticable.Utopian
170The killing of one’s wife.Uxoricide
171Greatly or excessively fond of one’s wife.Uxorious
172One who wanders without settled home.Vagabond
173One who is overanxious about one’s health.Valetudinarian
174Word for wordVerbatim
175Of many sided abilityVersatile
176One skilled in the treatment of diseases of animals.Veterinarian
177Done for anotherVicarious
178One who takes part in an enterprise of his own free willVolunteer
179Recklessly inconsiderateWanton
180A place for breeding or preserving rabbitsWarren
181A man whose wife is deadWidower
182To separate the husks from the grainWinnow
183A perso n having an excessive attach ment to foreign livingXenomanic
184A place where many kinds of animals are kept for showZoo
185The science of animal life.Zoology
186One who is out to subvert a governmentAnarchist
187Government by the nobilityAristocracy
188A government where the power is concentrated in the hands of one person. or A Government by oneAutocracy
189A government run by civil servants.Bureaucracy
190Government by peopleDemocracy
191A Government by a king or queenMonarchy
192A Government by the fewOligarchy
193Government by the wealthy peoplePlutocracy
194Government by priests.Theocracy